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Male Armpits as the name suggests is a blog dedicated to the male armpits, I've a particular love for men's underarms since forever, hairy and shaved but mostly hairy though ;)

While I may say "dedicated" above I am trying to keep this place varied with many other subjects as well not limited to armpits only (although this will be the main attraction), I've posted photos of men in bondages, kinks, daddies, hot guys, etc, gotta keep it interesting, yes?!

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Title: Paddy O’Brien
Length: 26:52

Not sure what’s the exact title but this one has Paddy O’Brien (or Patrick O’Brian/Brien; there’s a few variation) who is really sexy IMHO! Do you like sweaty sex? Patrick sweats so much in this and his sex partner has a pair of nice hairy armpits, watch it and enjoy.

EDIT: Found out from stationseven that this is Paddy O’Brien and Jimmy Franz.

EDIT II: Sadly, the user or XVideos themselves have deleted this video.

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    Paddy O’Brien and Jimmy Franz….whoa, two of my favorite hairy guys. Paddy can fuck like a champion and Jimmy takes it....
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