Male Armpits

Male Armpits as the name suggests is a blog dedicated to the male armpits, I've a particular love for men's underarms since forever, hairy and shaved but mostly hairy though ;)

While I may say "dedicated" above I am trying to keep this place varied with many other subjects as well not limited to armpits only (although this will be the main attraction), I've posted photos of men in bondages, kinks, daddies, hot guys, etc, gotta keep it interesting, yes?!

I've set up a submit page if you wish to submit something to the blog.

I do not own any of the images here in this Tumblr; they're all taken from the web, reblogged from Tumblr and etc; if you noticed any pictures belonging to you and would like them to be removed then please drop me a message, or you can drop a comment on the post itself.

I don't mean to sound so serious and all but really needed to get all the disclaimer and legal stuff out there just to make things clear, do visit the "About This Tumblr" page for more detailed information, I appreciate all the love and support!

Thank you.

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